You're visiting Ultra Lite Bakes, The Pioneer of Titanium Brake Rotors! Often imitated, never perfected to our Original Ultra Lite high standards. Our brakes are up to 4 times stronger, weigh 1/2 the amount and still offer 25% more continuous stopping power than our closest competitors.


With a higher tensile and yield strength, our brakes are constructed with thinner vanes making them even lighter. Our patented Ceramic Coated Brakes run 300-400 degrees cooler than conventional cast iron brakes. With a total range of 4,000 degree temp, you can now brake harder and faster with true fade free performance every time.


Ultra Lite Brakes give you a saving of 35 lbs over conventional cast iron set-ups. You will gain as much as 15 to 20 more horsepower while achieving faster acceleration and even shorter stopping distance.


When things get serious, it's time to lighten upů Make the move to Ultra Lite Brakes, The Original's in Titanium Brakes and Components.


1378 Old State Rt 119 | Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666 | 724-696-3744


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